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A-Total Consulting Group, Corporation

"It has been my pleasure to continuously extend wealth building techniques and strategies to our exclusive clientele. We are proud to say that the powerful “S Factor”© is still on the move! Undoubtedly, when coupled with our consortium of consultants, the fruits of your success will continue to grow abundantly. As a successful entrepreneur and President of A-Total Consulting Group Corporation, you have my signature of guarantee that our business relationship will yield positive, productive, and measurable long-term results. I welcome you aboard, and remember, with ATC everybody wins!"

Kietta Mayweather-Gamble
President & Founder

Our Company

A- Total Consulting Group Corporation is a consortium of Professional consultants dedicated to assisting organizations reach optimal success in all aspects of their business. Leveraging our industry experience and expertise, ATC conducts a comprehensive analysis of the operational current state and seeks to identify strategies to escalate high-performers, elevate under-performers and improve overall levels of achievement.

Our Mission

To pave the way for all organizations to become successful and remain successful, regardless of their circumstance.

Our Vision

Our vision is to cultivate tangible and ongoing success through detailed, customized refined initiatives benefiting all parties, thereby maximizing success for all.

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