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The EduMatics® Program consists of:

  • Strategic Streamlined Curriculum For Grades 1st – 12th
  • Research Based, Scientifically Proven Enhanced Academia Strategies
  • Performance Enhancers Directly Targeting Strand Underperformers
  • Complimentary Initiatives Strengthening Strong Strand Performers
  • Incorporate Advanced Technological Methodologies For Structural Comprehensive Engagement and Development
  • Customized Instructional Materials Individually Tailored For Student Scholastic achievement
  • Continuous Instructional Support For All Areas of Improvement


  • Research Based, Scientifically Proven Results
  • Student Achievement Data Analysis per Benchmark Standards
  • District Goal Setting/Governance Training
  • Curriculum Streamlining Integration
  • Technology Development and Training
  • On-Going Assessments and Monitoring System
  • Teacher Content Training
  • Scope and Sequence
  • Development of Individualized Assessment Materials
  • Instructional Demonstrations and Instructional Workshops


  • Pre, Interim, and Post Assessment Tests
  • All Instructional Materials
  • Individual Scoring and Validations for all Assessment Testing
  • Verification of Performance Levels
  • Independent Strand Improvement Data
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